Wellinton - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

Day 8

arrived at Wellington.
Hurl! I did not know Wellington is the Capital city of NZ until I got there, Wellington.
Shocking! How unacknowledged I was.
I thought that Auckland was the Capital city of NZ.
Oh well, now I know.

After off from the shuttle bus, me and my friend were heading to Wellington Cable car station.
To get to the station, it would take for us 5 minutes without detour.
As usual, not surprisingly it took 30 minutes for us to get there :)
what took so long!! because of window shopping :)

At the station there are many people who were tourist as well as residents.
I did not know a lot of people in Wellington use that cable car for their commute. 
I expected the cable car looks like square box, but it was more like train miniature.
Ticket was very reasonable price (paid $4 on the 1st Feb 2016).

Wellington view from the Wellington Cable car.

Although the cable car was slow going up, it did not take long to get to the top.
It would have been rip-off if the ticket price was more expensive than what I paid. 

taken from outlook on the top.

The cable car station on the top of hill was connected to Botanic Garden to way down to the city 

It is a rose garden in the middle of picture. Rose garden wasn't impressive. It would be nicer if the rose garden were full of rose plants, in my opinion, rose garden was too empty, It was hot day, and my friend even told me she would wait for me under shade while I looked around rose garden if I wanted to go. Oh well, no I did not want to either.

oh don't get me wrong.

overall Botanic Garden were very beautifully presented. We had a good stroll there.

Next, we headed to Beehive & parliament building.
We saw building but we did not stayed long enough to look around the building. 
Honestly, I expected more friendly building that it was. 
 Because of name of building, 'beehive', I kind of something more friendly looks from the building. I was thinking on the way to there, the animation 'Winnie the Pooh', oh, of course, nothing like that. Silly of me,

My friend sorted out her credit card issues at the ANZ bank at the city.
and then we got to the harbour and walked along.

This museum was recommended, but we were very tired and decided to skip.
Before I was a kind of person have to see everything, but now it changed.
If I miss it, it is also good and no problem, as there's a something left behind and I can come and visit for it again.

Back to the ship, yum dinner.


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