Sydney Vivid Festival (June 2016)

My friend and I flew to Sydney on the weekend for Vivid festival.

While my friend and I was for festival on the weekend in Sydney, we worried about weather, becasue it was raining on the day of festival.

Lucky the weather got fine in the evening and we can enjoy the vivid festival, although it was raining on the day. rainy day! but no issue for that as we went to shopping or cafe's while it was raining :). All goods as long as it's fine night for vivid show at night.

From hotel to Darling harbour, it supposed to take about 15 minutes to get to. 
on the way, there were some shops attracted us, hm, so it took longer :) than it should be to get to the harbout.

I tried taking a several pictures to capture the feeling I got from this huge flag, 
but not that big and neither I get the same feels from the picture.

Below pictures were taken on the Cruise 
between Darling harbour and Opera House.

Below pictures were taken while walking around Opera House.

showing film on the building


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