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Sewing DIY Arm Protectors (Arm Sleeves)

I do gardening about 30 mins every other day in Summer. Most time I spend thoes 30mins for weeding  which is never ending story in my flower garden. I should wear long sleeve shirts for weeding  but I don't bother getting changed most of times for 30 minutes gardening. and I have itch arms after weeding after weeding in singlets or short sleeve shirts. So I made a pair of arm protectors for gardening. The pair is brilliant items for weeding especially! For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was helpful, please thumbs up  and subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you.

Sewing DIY Gardening Hat

  One of nessecery items is the gardening hat in hot Summer days, when you do gardening. I often weed in Summer, and I made the gardening hat for protecting my face and neck from the sun. I made the hat a bit big and it has a bit of room around my head, which hat can be off or turn around while I work in the garden. The above hole for pony tail hair or hair bun prevent the hat off, turn around or wiggle wiggle. For short hair, who doesn't want to have hole for pony tail hair, the pattern needs to be adjusted like above. And in the instance the hat is a bit big, you can reduce the pattern a bit, or the hat strap would be good to prevent from hat wiggles. For the hat interfacing, there are many options you can choose, so i recommend you search some hat interfacings first before you make a hat. Why I choose the plastic above. I did not have many options in handy,  I did not want to use collar interfacing for this hat. I wanted some flexible and thin platics;  which is not going to be

Hello SUMMER!~, Summer dress I altered.

I altered a dress last month in December 2021. I thought I had a picture of the dress before I altered, it turned I forgot taking it. Oh well, The dress I bought when I went to trip to Singapore, but I never worn since. I used to like it but I don't like the design any more and I decide to make it more comfortable dress which I prefer lately. The original dress was a singlet maxi dress. Front bodice was deep V-neck style and thin staps on shoulders. Back bodice was two wide straps to be tied in the middle of back with hiding Bra back straps and hooks, which made back waist open. How I altered was, cutting off thin shoulder straps from front and back bodices. seperating front & back bodices from long skirt. and then, stitching thin sholder straps to skirt. cutting/sewing some skirt both sides off under arm pits. The above 3 pictures were taken my friend trying the dress with balt on. The below 2 pictures were me trying the dress without balt on.  

Sewing DIY Christmas Hairbands

I made Christmas hairbands in December, and I was being lazy for posting bloggings.  Now I get back to my routine :)  The hostpital where my friend works let staff wear Christmas medi scrubs, and I made her Christmas scrubs and I also made Christmas theme hair bands which she can wear at work. This can be a good Christmas gifts for kids, too. What to prepare; Christmas theme/ornaments fabics, Elastics for hairtie, Polly for stuffing, Siccors, needle and threads needed. For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was helpful, please thumbs up  and subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you.

2021 Christmas Medi-scrub tops

  I made 5 medi-scrub tops with Christmas fabrics for my friend who works as nurse in December in 2020. And I made another 5 tops in December 2021. You know the feeling of happiness when you select Christmas theme fabrics, and we ended up buying 10 different Christmas theme fabrics. Becasue the sewing is my hubby, I could not spare time for making all of them. and I made 5 tops, with hoping to make another 5 next December. Hopefully I do no more shopping for Christmas theme fabrics. I should use up all the fabrics I have first! If you want to watch the videos that I made medi-scrubs last time. Please click below videos, one for making top, and another for copy pattern.