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DIY foldable shopping bag tutorial

DIY foldable shopping bag I have upcycled a broken umbrella, as some of you might know Oroton brand umbrella. And it was a very strong umbrella and i loved it. But someday in summer it was bucketing down and the strechers of umbrella was broken๐Ÿ˜ญ and i was damn soaked. I have kept the umbrella fabic which was good choice, and it is used for foldable bag, Ta-Da. How to: ♤ cut fabric for front and bag panels the size you want ♤ make front pocket and sew to front panel ♤ right sides of front and back planels togethet and sew ♤ cut fabrics for bag handles and sew ♤ sew to bag panel For further details, please check it out below Youtube or find my youtube channel: Mikinoos DIY Please click the link below for free tutorial and enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel, thank you.

DIY a easy cushion tutorial (easy and no zips)

Let's make an Easy Cushion The first video I took without video lights, it's a bit dim. but no way I would bin it as this will be my foot prints to look back and learn from. This is a very simple cushion making video. No zips, no buttons, no strings... it was easy cushion making for me.  But taking videos and editing videos were much harder work for me. I chose upholstery fabric for thickness and made December last year (2019). It's mainly used for decoration on couch for a while, and which I hoped it continued. but, When I looked after my friend's cat, "Miso" for a while, he liked chewing on the corner of it.  and one day, I noticed something different on couch, and "what the hell, where the cushion gone" My partner took to use as cushion on his driver's sit! because he works as carpenter in build ing industries, the white cushion got so easy to get dirty. oh my, I better hurry up making another cushion with darker colored fabrics.  and just I d

SEWing diary - Youtube channel 'mikinoos DIY'

SEWing diary  Youtube channel 'mikinoos DIY' launching. yay, my first video will be published on Wednesday 19th Aug 2020. And I will try to post every Wednesday. Sewing has been in my mind about last ten years, and I have been doing a bit by bit, and i was being lazy as well for sewing art. So I made a big decision, which I am hoping encouraging me sewing more. I have been posting my sewing arts on instagram for a record on instagram, but not even 100 arts completed for last 10 years, and last picture I posted was 2 and half years ago, shame on me. I still love sewing and i don't want to give it up. What should I do! So I have been thinking, and thinking for what would be the best to make me sewing more, I'd love to improve my skill! I came to conclusion that I should start Sewing diary on Youtube.  Although it won't be perfect, it would definitely will motivate me sewing. It will be my crafts dia