SEWing diary - Youtube channel 'mikinoos DIY'

SEWing diary 

Youtube channel 'mikinoos DIY' launching. yay, my first video will be published on Wednesday 19th Aug 2020. And I will try to post every Wednesday. 

Sewing has been in my mind about last ten years, and I have been doing a bit by bit, and i was being lazy as well for sewing art. So I made a big decision, which I am hoping encouraging me sewing more.

I have been posting my sewing arts on instagram for a record on instagram, but not even 100 arts completed for last 10 years, and last picture I posted was 2 and half years ago, shame on me. I still love sewing and i don't want to give it up. What should I do! So I have been thinking, and thinking for what would be the best to make me sewing more, I'd love to improve my skill! I came to conclusion that I should start Sewing diary on Youtube. 

Although it won't be perfect, it would definitely will motivate me sewing. It will be my crafts diary and records, and I can share the methods with people.
and A few years time I will see where i started and where I am at.


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