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DIY Pumpkin Beanie for Cat; Pumpkin beanie for cat tutorial

Halloween's on this Saturday (as cat mum I call Caturday)! and I made a Halloween pumpkin beanie for my dear kitty cat. Although expected that my cat would definitely hate wearing the beanie, I could not help! Because cats have very sensitive ears, I tried, made two holes in beanie which my cat ears would not folded and can be freely out through those holes.  He still not much a fan of the beanie I made :(  But soooo soooo CUTE! Happy Halloween everyone and stay safe from Covid 19. For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you.

DIY linen bag; Making eco bag tutorial from teatowels

My friend bought two tea towels and she liked the patterns on tea towels so much, and she did not wanted to use them as tea towel. So making a linen bag from those two tea towels were decided.  Lookie Lookie the character above ๐Ÿ™ƒ a dog with pipe cigarette! How unique! With an environmental issue using plastic bags are discouraged, and recommended to use these linen bags. And much prettier and stronger than plastic bags๐Ÿ‘ Two different towels used so either way you hold a bag would be so new!!  So easy to make, please click below video for tutorial, hope you enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel: Mikinoos DIY Thank you. Youtube tutorial:

DIY cat toy - fish; cat toy tutorial

Whoever has a cat would agree about cat toys, no matter how many you bought cat toys you want to get for your cat more and more!! I bought some, and I made one as well. When I make toys I should have inserted Catnips or bells in, oh well I forgot. This won't be not my last time for me to make cat toys, so I skipped alteration of putting them in, next time, I hope that I remember at least one of them๐Ÿ˜ Please click below link for free tutorial on my Youtube channel: Mikinoos DIY Weekly videos uploaded, and would you please like and subscribe, which will be my motivation, thank you.              

DIY Pajamas with the patterns I made; Pajamas making tutorials

             Last time I have uploaded tracing the patterns from my pajamas. Assuming you have watched the videos, today, I have the videos ready for making shorts & tops with the patterns I made.  Original pajama shorts waist band was very stylish which was very soft with color of sky blue. So hoping to get the waist band like that and went to the craft/dress shop, unfortunately there weren't many options I could buy, and I had a white one. I better search in Internet for next one. Finally, I have completed whole pajama set - with carrot and rabbit cotton fabrics. And perfect timing as it's Spring in here Australia, soon to be wear ๐Ÿ˜€ Please click below link for free tutorial on my Youtube channel: Minkinoos DIY . Weekly videos upload, and would you please like and subscribe, thank you.  video for pajama top: video for pajama shorts: