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Black Gingham V-Neck Midi Dress (Slow fashion project)

  Another one added for my slow fashion project in my wardrobe. Many gingham fabric clothes out in shops,  and I went to fabric shop for buying some gingham fabrics. IThere were so many choices of gingham fabrics,  and I bought some of them in sale price. This dress is for me to wear in Spring and Autumn.

Sewing DIY Medical Caps (free pattern)

Thanks to my nurse friend, I would not think to make the medical caps if my nurse friend did not asked. Since covid, she needs to wear mask, full face shield, and her glasses. Even though the medical cap is not compulsory to wear in the hostipal she works,  Because she can't tie her bob hair in ponytail, she had messy hair by the time she finishes works. and medical caps would solve the issues.  As she is cat mum and cat lover, 😸 she gave me special request to make them with cat designed fabrics. Pattern :   you can download from the my Youtube video's description. For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was helpful, please thumbs up  and subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you.

DIY dress refashion - slip dress

The dress is that I used to love and wear a lot more than 10 years ago. I get gradually put on weight and it did not fit as used to be. and I kept it so long about 7-8 years. Last couple of years my closet is full and no more new clothes could be stored. So! I have to make a decision. I went through all my clothes one by one,  and bin the clothes which clothes are no longer in good condition, especially fabric worn.  Some said bin the clothes which I did not wear last 3 years  because you won't wear even though you would think you will wear in future. Truth is there are so many nice ones no longer interested in my closet. My aim is that I do not buy new clothes until I made space for, and refashion my old ones. So, when I went through clothes I seperated in 3 boxes. 1st box was to bin for clothes fabric worn so much. 2nd box was for to be donated for clothes I am not interested to refashion. The last box was for clothes to be alterated and refasioned. After 3 boxes, I can't bel