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Sewing DIY Pincushion

I made a flower pincushion with tiny petals (floral parts). It made a cute flower pincushion with pink ribbons and floral designed fabric. I made two pincushions, one for mine, and the other for a gift to my friend. The small one is for my friend and it can be fit in her little sawing box. How to ~ Happy sewing everyone 😚 1. Prepare: a floral button, a bead, ribbon like the ribbon on picture, floral fabric, and one colour fabric. 2. Cut floral fabric and one colour fabric in the same radius 8cm (the size you want). 3. Fix ribbon on seam of the right side of one colour fabric and petals to be towards inside of fabric, and sew.  4.  Put fabrics right sides together and sew except opening gap. 5. Give some snips on seam for easy turn, and turn insides out. 6. Close the opening gap with blind stitches. 7. Locate a bead in the middle of one colour fabric, and a button in the middle of floral fabric, and sew  through a few times both the bead and button which located other sides, and pull

Sewing DIY Easy Apron and Pattern

I love aprons. When I cook, wash dishes, and eat meals at home I always wear aprons. Sometimes I assumed it would be okay not to wear with thinking that I would spend very short time for, then oh well I get dirty clothes with sauces, oils. etc. I have over 5 aprons for use in kitchen, I enjoy putting on different apron depending on how I feel.  The apron I made is so so easy, and I don't like aprons very long down over knees. I like them a bit short above the knees. I think long aprons a bit uncomfortable for doing house chores and when I need to move a lot. so I made it a bit short apron this time only for easiness and practicableness.  How to make:  1. Cut fabric as per above measurements: the measurements on above picture are inches, and measurements in (brackets) are centimeters, Please adjust length of straps and apron body's. The apron body measurement above is for me to have a short length of above my knees, and the straps measurements are for me to have not too long str

DIY Necklace/Pearl Wreath for Cat

Very easy easy to make a necklace for cats. I've got a pear bracelet for Christmas present, and I try it on to my 7 months old kitten. My kitten, Popsie, looked so gorgeous with it on his neck, which made me to think it would be good to make one for him.  Completed one's length controlled by tying, so it can be a necklace, or wreath. My cat is very patient for me to tie necklace on his neck, maybe because I go to back garden daily with my cat with harness and lead, he would have thought mama tying necklace for going out with him.  "Oh, Popsie, sorry I am tying necklace on your neck because mama wants to see pretty you with pearl necklace, let's go out after taking some pictures of you xxx." How to make ~ 1. Needs: craft string(thread) for beads, imitation pearls(or other beads), ribbons. 2. Put string(thread) through needle for sewing and putting beads through from below #2 to #5. 2. Cut 2 of 7" (17.75cm) ribbons (at first a bit long and you cut the length yo

Sewing DIY Lunch bag / Picnic bag / Cooler bag

I upcycled cooler bags for making can holders which I posted last week. This week sewing project, DIY lunch bag, is to use cooler bag material left from last week making can holders. I made a bit big and it can be used as picnic bag, and also this is another cooler bag made with upcycled cooler bag :) 1. Materials; below cutting is included seam allowance 0.25" (0.6cm)      Cooler bag material & floral linen: 2 of 16" x 10" (41cm x 25.5cm)     Top cover cotton:  2 of 16" x 10" (41cm x 25.5cm)     Bag handles floral linen: 2 of 14" x 3" ( 35.5cm x 8cm)     Bias: 33" x 3" (  84cm x 7cm)     Strings: 2 of 40" (100cm) I mistakenly cut top covers fabric short to 16" x 6" (41cm x 15.5cm), which ended up hardly covers top of bag. Luckily it was not that difficult to amend. To extend top covers, I have made another top covers and sew to existing top covers. At first my choice of top cover fabric was light pink with no pattern, an