Sewing DIY Easy Apron and Pattern

I love aprons. When I cook, wash dishes, and eat meals at home I always wear aprons. Sometimes I assumed it would be okay not to wear with thinking that I would spend very short time for, then oh well I get dirty clothes with sauces, oils. etc. I have over 5 aprons for use in kitchen, I enjoy putting on different apron depending on how I feel. 

The apron I made is so so easy, and I don't like aprons very long down over knees. I like them a bit short above the knees. I think long aprons a bit uncomfortable for doing house chores and when I need to move a lot. so I made it a bit short apron this time only for easiness and practicableness. 

How to make: 

1. Cut fabric as per above measurements: the measurements on above picture are inches, and measurements in (brackets) are centimeters, Please adjust length of straps and apron body's. The apron body measurement above is for me to have a short length of above my knees, and the straps measurements are for me to have not too long straps and not hanging straps around my vast. 

2. Apron body: Fold 0.25"(0.6cm) and fold again 0.5"(1.25cm) all sides of body of apron, and sew. 

3. Straps: Fold 0.25 all sides and fold in half, and sew. 

4. Fix straps to apron body in right places. Make a not of one end of long neck strap and put through to folded short strap, and Sew. 

Below video will make it easy for you to understand how to make. 

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.


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