Sewing DIY - Grey Pullover to Jacket (Wardrobe refashion)

It is an easy pullover alteration.
I worn this fleece sweatshirt a few times 
and the fabric of this shirt condition was good.
A little bit of changes to this shirt would give me some interests 
 keep wearing next a couple of years more.

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Step by Step

I cut a zipper with some fabric attached about 2-3cm away from zipper.
I re-used the zipper from one of my top which I did not wear for a long time. 
The zipper with fabic cut is uneven, in this instance, because I wanted to save zipper from the top before bin it, so I cut rughly on fabric around zipper. When i save the zipper I did not think of this would be used like this. And a few days later, when I decided to alter my pullover to jacket, I thought this zipper with fabrci would be good use for that alteration, and rather than using zipper itself only, I decided using it with the original stripe fabric attached.  

Mark the center of the shirt where to be cut off, and cut as marked.

Luckly no need to reduce or lengthen this zipper, in this instance. If the zipper was short I would match the bottom of zipper and the bottom of shirt and sew up. and I would fold in the edge of shirt remainder over the top of zipper and sew. If the zipper was long I would cut the top of zipper as needed.

Because the both the shirt fabic and the fabric attached to the zipper together would be too thick to overlocked stitches using home overlocker machine that I have, so overlocked stitch's done for each fabric.

Place the edge of fabric attached to zipper on the shirt edge with the right sides facing in. Pin and sew along the longer sides, sewing with 0.25 inches seam allowance. 

      Done ~ Happy sewing๐Ÿ˜‰


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