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Wellinton - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

Day 8 arrived at Wellington. Hurl! I did not know Wellington is the Capital city of NZ until I got there, Wellington. Shocking! How unacknowledged I was. I thought that Auckland was the Capital city of NZ. Oh well, now I know. After off from the shuttle bus, me and my friend were heading to Wellington Cable car station. To get to the station, it would take for us 5 minutes without detour. As usual, not surprisingly it took 30 minutes for us to get there :) what took so long!! because of window shopping :) At the station there are many people who were tourist as well as residents. I did not know a lot of people in Wellington use that cable car for their commute.  I expected the cable car looks like square box, but it was more like train miniature. Ticket was very reasonable price (paid $4 on the 1st Feb 2016). Wellington view from the Wellington Cable car. Although the cable car was slow going up, it did not take long to get to the top.

Napier - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

Day 7 We were in Napier in Cruise Day 7, half way though of our Cruise journey. I was told that Napier was rebuilt in architectural style after being razed by the devastating earthquake of 1931.  We were off from the ship at mid day, what a shame, we could not stay long enough to enjoy this beautiful place. About 6 hours were given to us in Napier. Even though there was easy option for tour by Vintage car tour . My friend and I decided to ride bikes as we thought we could exercise by bike rides as well as would not miss nice scenery, and it was nice weather for a bike ride.  This was only the picture you can peer the buildings :( If I chose to do vintage car tour, I would have more pictures of buildings?! Bike hire shops were around tourist office. We went into the closest bike hire ship and hired bike at $25 dollars for 4 hours with free map. The Kind shop assistant explained for bikes and recommend highlighted on the map where to go with short bik

Tauranga - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

CRUISE - DAY 6  It says, In the Maori language, Tauranga means 'a resting place for canoes'  As soon as off to the land, My friend and I headed to tourist office to get a map and to check out where we could be around. As you see this place surrounded by the sea, it looked a very good place for having a rest, having a family time, and enjoying leisure & sports. There were many people, it was Saturday! The ship we were with anchored on Pilot Bay. After hat on, sunnys on, and walking shoes on, we were ready to explore Tauranga. Some people were in swim suits ready for swimming and sun baking at the beach. The map says it took about 45 minutes to walk around along side of the sea on Mt. Maunganu (Mauao). It took about 1 hour for us walk through because we walked slowly and stopped for pictures, and enjoying beautiful scenery. After 1 hours walking, beautiful and sunny sand beach (Main Beach) appeared in front of me, it rem

A Little Birdie & Aloe Vera flowers

Early winter in Australia, there was a shoot from Aloe Vera  and turned in to a thin and long stalk. On top of stalk there were beautiful little bell-shaped flowers blossomed. One day a little birdie visited at my veranda who was interested the nectar of Aloe Vera plant. I thought the stalk would be broke if birdie sat on it. Apparently that did not happened.  Either the birdie was very light than it looked, or the stalk was very hardy and strong than it looked.  This cute visit made me smile. There were a few un-wanted visits from magpies. At veranda, I grew a couple of chili plants which chili was a little cute red ball-shaped. When green chili turned to bright red, I thought, while I was watering the plants, I would take it next day and use for cooking. I should have taken it at that time!  A big magpie had it!! what the!! which was so shocking for me.  The chili was very hot one!  They must not have a taste bud, or it did not realised it w

Auckland - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

CRUISE - Day 5  Finally we arrived on the land, Auckland in NZ. We did not make any booking for tour, so what we did in Auckland was Walkie. It took about five minutes on foot from harbour to CBD (I think). It was hot day in the city and we did not feel like walking around on the cement road. we were taking it easy, having coffee, and shopping around. that's all. Pork and Kimch stew with Tofu lunch in Korean Restaurant. after coming back to Cruise, on the Deck before departing. Beautiful Sunset! Since I did not take many pictures in Auckland, here's a nice post card that i bought. Nice dinner we had

AT SEA - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

AT SEA - Day 1 to 4 For 4 days at sea, I did not think there were many things to do in the cruise. The first 2 days i was in trouble with seasick. the travel calm tablets over the Chemist counter did not work well, and it made me so sleepy all the time and would not let me enjoy around. Cruise provided free seasick tablets in medical room. I was told how to take the tablet and Yay! it worked! since then I was able to enjoy on the Cruise! After arrival in Brisbane Harbour, we checked in and got the SeaPass Card we had to use in the Cruise. This card was the key for cabin and connected to my credit card, carried everywhere. We were with Legend of the Sea of Royal Caribbean we could see daily schedules in the Cruise,  and planed what to do for the day. Every night there's show to see in the theater. This was our cabin bed, as you can see our cabin was window one. Two single beds were attached. no no no we don't want that.