AT SEA - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

AT SEA - Day 1 to 4

For 4 days at sea, I did not think there were many things to do in the cruise.
The first 2 days i was in trouble with seasick. the travel calm tablets over the Chemist counter did not work well, and it made me so sleepy all the time and would not let me enjoy around.

Cruise provided free seasick tablets in medical room.
I was told how to take the tablet and Yay! it worked!
since then I was able to enjoy on the Cruise!

After arrival in Brisbane Harbour, we checked in and got the SeaPass Card we had to use in the Cruise. This card was the key for cabin and connected to my credit card, carried everywhere.

We were with Legend of the Sea of Royal Caribbean

we could see daily schedules in the Cruise, 
and planed what to do for the day.

Every night there's show to see in the theater.

This was our cabin bed, as you can see our cabin was window one.
Two single beds were attached. no no no we don't want that.
Aafter taking pictures, we asked cabin staff to detach them and put the bed aside to each wall.

At Australia day! 26th January.
Australian flags on, 
and you can have a chance to shake your hand with Captain and pictures.

a BIG cake

Party party!

the last day at sea before NZ, we booked and had a dinner at Japanese restaurant on the top deck.

oh, 4 days just flied thru!

Nice dinners we had


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