A Little Birdie & Aloe Vera flowers

Early winter in Australia, there was a shoot from Aloe Vera 
and turned in to a thin and long stalk.
On top of stalk there were beautiful little bell-shaped flowers blossomed.

One day a little birdie visited at my veranda who was interested the nectar of Aloe Vera plant.
I thought the stalk would be broke if birdie sat on it. Apparently that did not happened. 
Either the birdie was very light than it looked, or the stalk was very hardy and strong than it looked. 

This cute visit made me smile.

There were a few un-wanted visits from magpies.
At veranda, I grew a couple of chili plants which chili was a little cute red ball-shaped.
When green chili turned to bright red, I thought, while I was watering the plants, I would take it next day and use for cooking. I should have taken it at that time! 

A big magpie had it!! what the!! which was so shocking for me. 
The chili was very hot one! 
They must not have a taste bud, or it did not realised it would be hot as chili looked pretty.
'I swear you will have tummy ache!'

Back to Aloe Vera stalk, the stalk was not broken and it got little seeds.
I am not interested having more Aloe Vera pots, and Aloe Vera grew like weeds. 
I do not know any other way to use these seeds. They will stay still until falling dry and old or taken by wind.


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