Tauranga - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)


It says, In the Maori language, Tauranga means 'a resting place for canoes' 

As soon as off to the land, My friend and I headed to tourist office to get a map and to check out where we could be around. As you see this place surrounded by the sea, it looked a very good place for having a rest, having a family time, and enjoying leisure & sports. There were many people, it was Saturday!

The ship we were with anchored on Pilot Bay.
After hat on, sunnys on, and walking shoes on, we were ready to explore Tauranga.
Some people were in swim suits ready for swimming and sun baking at the beach.

The map says it took about 45 minutes to walk around along side of the sea on Mt. Maunganu (Mauao).
It took about 1 hour for us walk through because we walked slowly and stopped for pictures, and enjoying beautiful scenery.

After 1 hours walking, beautiful and sunny sand beach (Main Beach) appeared in front of me, it reminded me home Gold Coast beach. The Main Beach was very different to Pilot Bay, which was nice surprise.
Sport games were on Main beach, lots people are around.

Next stop! shops and restaurants!
We moved to the street where we can find restaurants and shops.
I bought a simple chicken avocado sandwich from the bakery. Oh it was yum!
I would have easily eaten one more if I had not been that full. 
Right before, I had a big Tank smoothie. 

We walked back to the ship via Mount Maunganu.

After back to the ship and a little rest, I had dinner below. 

The post card below I bought shows Tauranga Main beach and Mount Maunganu.
What a amazing shots the photographer taken!


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