GuangZhou - China (Feb 2011)

This was a week budget travel for me; my friend let me stayed her place, and she showed me around in the evening and on the weekend. A day I went around by myself where my friend recommended.
and another day brother of my friend took me for shopping, and other day friend of my friend showed me another places. Thanks to my friend, it was easy travel.

one weekday morning, lots people in Yumcha restaurant.
I actually shocked seeing how many people were in the train station!

It was good to see familiar face KFC man. of course my lunch was ... you know.

Good luck to you

This park was huge,

In the huge park, with two high school students 
who showed me around.

I was so shocked by pollution level in Guangzhou.
I could not believe what I saw and experienced whole day.
I thought these foggy unclearness would disappear soon, but it lasted whole day, 
It was the same as picture!

surprised with this chicken dish because of chicken head
but tasty!

such a dramatic facial expression! and delicious!

Good to have Korean BBQ in China.


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