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DIY Can Holder; Can Holder making tutorial

I made can holders using cooler bag.  I, sometimes, more honestly often, forget cooler bags when I go to shopping groceries, and I ended up having many grocery cooler bags at home. Because can holders made by kind of wet suit fabric (?) it is flexible for beer bottles and soft drink cans. But the can holders which made by cooler bag materials not flexible like wet suit fabric, so it should be cut in correct size for cans. I thought making can holders would be very easy, but I was so frustrated in making the first one. It took me two days to complete it. For the first one was too small in size for can holder because the size reduced from sewing of a bit thick cooling material.  I've done applique of C.O.K.E to can holder fabric which took me a few hours, oh well the first one has been binned, and I lost for desire to try further on the same day. Next day, next mistakes happened with bottom of can holder. Biasing to the small round bottom turned out ugly, and then next try with sewin

DIY Christmas Pincushions (Ornaments); Christmas Pincushion making tutorial

Sewing in December is all about Christmas!  made Christmas pincushions (ornaments), easy, so easy! Sew or glue green felt leave and red beads on top of square pincushion, that's it. I spent more time to think how I can express red shiny fruits, you can use red colored Pompom, but I want to add some shiny bits to it, so I came to conclusion to use nail polish. Red nail polish to beads once, and then dry, and 2nd coat and then dry, and finish with top coat. Highly recommend to process this first, because you will need time for beads to be dried.  If you add strings to pincushions, which can be Christmas ornaments to decorate Christmas tree. It can be pincushion for sewing, and also handmade baubles :)  I did not add strings when I made them, silly me, and I just put them between branches of mini Christmas tree.  Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.  For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Th

DIY Rudolph Reindeer Pen; Christmas Pen

 Christmas is a week away! Happy merry Christmas~! We started thinking about Christmas presents from beginning of December and even before December. Good excuses for us to go shopping, yay, and also we put our time and effort to make Christmas ornaments or something meaningful for presents.  I made 3 Rudolf red nosed reindeer pens which would be good for presents to whom I can express my appreciation or to my dear family, and my dear friends.   As you see in the picture attached, different materials used for face, horns, eyes and nose; details are below: For face and ears, cotton fabric, and felt used For horns, felt, dried seed pods, and dried branches used. For nose and eyes, felt and plastic eyes used. The same method with different materials made me think it was fun to do, and I was interested to see how they turned out. I only made 3 brothers and sisters of reindeer, but in the way, many sisters and brothers of reindeer can be made. Shall we make~ For tutorial, please click belo

DIY Christmas MediScrub Top; MediScrub tutorial

I made Medi scrub tops for my bestie who is nurse.  I copied pattern from her old scrub top, and it is the pattern only for her, and I shortened length for her as requested. Oh, Christmas medi scrubs I made turned out so cute and well suit for my friend.  I even thought I might make one for myself, before my friend requested me to make total 10 scrubs as she would wear during whole December month! I made up to 7, and I told her no more this year, I will make another 3 for next Christmas! For tutorial, please click below videos; one for copying pattern from scrub top, and the other is for making scrub, hope you enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you. Copy pattern from medi scrub top video. DIY Medi Scrub Top video.