DIY Can Holder; Can Holder making tutorial

I made can holders using cooler bag. 
I, sometimes, more honestly often, forget cooler bags when I go to shopping groceries, and I ended up having many grocery cooler bags at home. Because can holders made by kind of wet suit fabric (?) it is flexible for beer bottles and soft drink cans. But the can holders which made by cooler bag materials not flexible like wet suit fabric, so it should be cut in correct size for cans.

I thought making can holders would be very easy, but I was so frustrated in making the first one. It took me two days to complete it. For the first one was too small in size for can holder because the size reduced from sewing of a bit thick cooling material.  I've done applique of C.O.K.E to can holder fabric which took me a few hours, oh well the first one has been binned, and I lost for desire to try further on the same day.

Next day, next mistakes happened with bottom of can holder. Biasing to the small round bottom turned out ugly, and then next try with sewing both cooling material and thin fabric was so easy but it did not look firm enough, so they were binned. I got the right material in next try, I added flexible and a bit firm plastic to fabric and cooling material, which I was pretty satisfied with. 
Finally the first one completed ~ 

And then I made the second one, so easy! way easy!

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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