DIY Christmas MediScrub Top; MediScrub tutorial

I made Medi scrub tops for my bestie who is nurse. 
I copied pattern from her old scrub top, and it is the pattern only for her, and I shortened length for her as requested.

Oh, Christmas medi scrubs I made turned out so cute and well suit for my friend. 
I even thought I might make one for myself, before my friend requested me to make total 10 scrubs as she would wear during whole December month! I made up to 7, and I told her no more this year, I will make another 3 for next Christmas!

For tutorial, please click below videos; one for copying pattern from scrub top, and the other is for making scrub, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.

Copy pattern from medi scrub top video.

DIY Medi Scrub Top video.


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