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2022 Christmas Medi Scrub Tops - slow fashion project

  2022 year Medi scrub tops I made for my friend who is nurse. It's such a fun to see veriaty of Christmas fabrics. This fabric is not Christmas theme fabric, and it's Cat medical teams printed fabric. and the white, red, and blue made cool feel of christmas in Australia's hot summer~ Cat lovers great choice to be. Skying cats, and Cats with scarf printed fabric Koalas wearing Rudoph head band,  sants, Ginger bread men,  and ginger bread houses, printed fabric Miki mouse santas Mini mouse sants and  Donald duck stants printed fabric Wombet santas,  and  Echidnas santas printed fabric Ginger bread men and ladies  printed fabric.

DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath

December is a full of Christdmas-y in a lot of places and also in my hart. This year my partner and myself decided not to have a Christmas tree at home. But I feel a bit something is missing at home.  While I browsing Christmas DIY items in Pinterest, I saw some Christmas Wreath made with pompoms and bauble, etc. I thought it would be easy to make. oh~ a lot of arts look very easy but they need put in a lot of my hours, efforts, and thoughts. To make this wreath, At frist I spent about 5 hours for making about 45-50 pompoms. This little wreath made my place christmas-y It is a bit of shame because my photography skill is not getting all prettyness of the wreath. This wreath is much prettier than it looks in photo.  I tried it here and there in the house. and I think it's best on front door, which shares the feeling of wecoming.  Everyone seeing this blog, Wishing you a merry Christmas~ πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽˆπŸŽ… For how I made, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was

Alteration to singlet from mini dress - refashion project

I made a singlet from mini dress. I gave a cut on skirt part and sleeves. and arm holes are biased with skirt cut fabric. The above photo shot that I tied before alteration of dress to singlet. Small tops and midium bottoms usually fit me recently. Before I put on about 5 kilos, this dress fit me well. But now, hm, it's sad. Because the dress fabric is a bit thick and stretchy I could wear, but it looks on me tight from my tummy to legs. as it got tighter, the dress length got a bit shorten on me too. 😞 I am happy how it turned it out~ For how I made, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was helpful, please thumbs up  and subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you.