DIY Pompom Christmas Wreath

December is a full of Christdmas-y in a lot of places and also in my hart.

This year my partner and myself decided not to have a Christmas tree at home.
But I feel a bit something is missing at home. 

While I browsing Christmas DIY items in Pinterest,
I saw some Christmas Wreath made with pompoms and bauble, etc.
I thought it would be easy to make.
oh~ a lot of arts look very easy but they need put in a lot of my hours, efforts, and thoughts.

To make this wreath,
At frist I spent about 5 hours for making about 45-50 pompoms.

This little wreath made my place christmas-y
It is a bit of shame because my photography skill is not getting all prettyness of the wreath.
This wreath is much prettier than it looks in photo. 

I tried it here and there in the house.
and I think it's best on front door,
which shares the feeling of wecoming. 

Everyone seeing this blog,
Wishing you a merry Christmas~


For how I made, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.

Step by step

instruction will be updated sometime in Sept/Oct. 


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