Refashion two gingham mini dresses to a midi dress & shirt

My friend and I have both have the same dress, 
after we worn the dress enough,
We wanted to refashion them and feel new clothes again.

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Step by Step

Using seam ripper, cut seam between shirt and 1st tier skirt of one of dress.

Trim the bottom end of shirt to make neater and then hem.
Hemming: fold 0.25" and fold 0.25" the bottom end of shirt, and sew. Because the shirt is not long enough, hemming as little as possilbe would be good.


         Easy done for shirtπŸ‘•

Cut inner fabric attached to two tiered skirt, and trim the top end of skirt. The trim top of skirt will be sewn with the bottom end of minidress.

Another mini dress: cut skirt hem and save it for midi dress waist belt string.

Compare the length of the top end of two tired skirt and the bottom end of another mini dress, and the longer one to be gathered. In this instance, the bottom of another mini dress is longer one and to be gathered. 
**It sounds funny thinking of completed 4 tiered dress with 3rd tiered is short than 2nd tired, I thought so. But I was too lazy to rip off 2nd tired from 1st tired of another mini dress, and to sew the top of two tiered skirt to the bottom end of 1st tiered of another minidress, and then to sew 2nd tiered in the last. In the end I was happy how it turned out without rip off too many tiered. 

Divide 4 sections, and mark the section end with sewing peg. 

Gather the each section. 
Place the top end of two tired skirt and the gathered bottom end of mini dress together with right sides facing in, and match the each end of sections, and then adjust the gathered skirt to match the length.
Tie the knot and cut off excess thread after gathered fabric adjuted. 
And sew (overlock stitch recommended). 

Press seam down and sew. It only can be done on the placket to make it neater.

         Loving another new dress ~ yay😘


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