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Sewing DIY Wired headband (measurements)

   Easy making wired headbands with flexible wires. Wired fabric headbands are so easy to adjust in size to your head,  which will reduce your headache. and also easy to make hair style. I used to wear headband when I had bang fringe on my forehead. but now I don't and when I wear headband my face looks longer.  and wired headband can be used for hat decorations. Be happy everyone~ Measurements: you can find it from Youtube video below.   For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy. If the Video was helpful, please thumbs up  and subscribe my Youtube channel:  Mikinoos DIY Thank you. Step by Step Cut out one rectangle 32 x 4 inches (below picture shows the rectangle fold in half 6 x 4 inches) Fold the rectangle in half. Fold the retangle tip end in half, and cut like below picture and make it pointy rectangle. Center fold in lengh wise with right side facing in.  Pin and sew along the edge of longer sides, sewing 0.25 inches seam allownce with leaving op