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Stanserhorn in Lucerne (Luzern) Switzerland

I was Lucerne in Switzerland in 21st Sept 2011. when I was on the top of, I bought a card from the shop and wrote a little message to myself and posted to very near future myself in Australia, and then I would receive when I came back home in Australia. in 6 months later I painted this little card scenery into the bigger white canvas, remembering of riding the little train like the one in the picture, drinking a cup of hot chocolate in cold weather on the top, enjoying beautiful views everywhere there.

Kiva Han Roasting House at Gold Coast - Australia (Oct 2013)

Ten minutes on foot from my friends place, there's a Cafe where my friends told me usually busier than neighbour Cafe in that area. This Cafe is located a couple of minutes away from the beach and next to Gold Coast high way. this place used to be a dairy shop but my friend said the product was over priced and place now.. here we are now, let's taste it. we four and twin babies had an outside table, this view is a part of inside. it is about coffee history inside on the wall, no one of us tried coffee next time. this has a bar as well, my friend said we should come again because two bartenders at night are very gorgeous. this was the view I could see from where I sat. my prawn salad dressing was so good but prawn itselt was a little tough. I tasted Cajun chicken salad, oh so yum. overall we all liked this Cafe.

Chocolate Block Card Wallet / Bag Charm

Chocolate Block Card Wallet / Bag Charm. this has been found when I opened a ribbon box today while I was making hair band and looking for some bands to attach. this is made nearly 3 years ago. chocolate blocks are not perfectly same ... but this is why I think handmade is so much attractive. this is not quite practical for card wallet because of  only a pocket, however it can be used for bag charms hanging on the bag strap.

Flower and Vase

This is my second acrylic painting. This time I copied again - sorry I can't say whose this painting is as I got this colour printed one from one of mates in the class (8 session class) and I can't read this artist signature. Painting below is original for my painting. Tada ~ after about 10 hours painting, my work finished. it's got totally different feeling from original one I think..maybe because it turned out brighter, maybe?. I actually worried as I chose my second painting not as simple as first one ' Mr Teddy Bear '.  I am happy how it turned out.

Mr Teddy Bear

about two year ago (in 2011) the first time I attended to 8 sessions painting class for beginners, and I thought the first class would be all about introduction of acrylic painting as we were beginners, but it was beyond my expectation. after the short introduction, teacher said let's start and she would go around and give us help individually. sounds nice..but OOOOPSi I had not decided what to paint at all. what caught me was Mr teddy bear on my bag. this is it..looked easy and simple. Mr teddy bear hugging cushion among a few different posed bears on my bag looked the easiest;  Decision made. had a fun painting teddy bear. got a cute result...hehe :) I took all these pictures by my mobile as I didn't/don't have any other camera. It was another different fun to put my first work in frames.

Tea Time Apron

My first apron I made. went to spotlight and spotted this cosy teatime fabric. without any clear plan what to make. a month after, I was invited to my friend's birthday dinner. now this apron stays with my friend's - mission succeeded :) for the neck strap, two button hole were made for length control. The people who have big boobs (Please don't be offensive, for me they are so blessed) need more room and they can get long neck strap but me need short neck strap :(  fabric was not thick enough for apron, so I had to attach another fabric behind. printing is wide spread and pretty itself , but it was a little pity for there's not much space to attach a big pocket...little pocket around kettle is little awkward :( but overall I am damn happy with my first.   Happy Cooking~