Mr Teddy Bear

about two year ago (in 2011)
the first time I attended to 8 sessions painting class for beginners, and I thought the first class would be all about introduction of acrylic painting as we were beginners, but it was beyond my expectation. after the short introduction, teacher said let's start and she would go around and give us help individually. sounds nice..but OOOOPSi I had not decided what to paint at all.

what caught me was Mr teddy bear on my bag. this is it..looked easy and simple.
Mr teddy bear hugging cushion among a few different posed bears on my bag looked the easiest; 
Decision made.

had a fun painting teddy bear. got a cute result...hehe :)
I took all these pictures by my mobile as I didn't/don't have any other camera.
It was another different fun to put my first work in frames.


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