DIY Rudolph Reindeer Pen; Christmas Pen

Christmas is a week away! Happy merry Christmas~!

We started thinking about Christmas presents from beginning of December and even before December. Good excuses for us to go shopping, yay, and also we put our time and effort to make Christmas ornaments or something meaningful for presents.  I made 3 Rudolf red nosed reindeer pens which would be good for presents to whom I can express my appreciation or to my dear family, and my dear friends. 

As you see in the picture attached, different materials used for face, horns, eyes and nose; details are below:

For face and ears, cotton fabric, and felt used
For horns, felt, dried seed pods, and dried branches used.
For nose and eyes, felt and plastic eyes used.

The same method with different materials made me think it was fun to do, and I was interested to see how they turned out. I only made 3 brothers and sisters of reindeer, but in the way, many sisters and brothers of reindeer can be made. Shall we make~

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.


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