DIY Cat Harness & Leash Set and Pattern

I have made an harness jacket for my cat. I let him play without any lease or harness on back garden, but if we need to play at front garden, or go to camping, some harnesses and leash set needed. 
Harness jacket vest area finished with hook and loop tape which is adjustable to cat's vest size, so it will fit on him even though he put on weights. I thought to use hook and loop tape for neck of harness jacket but it might make neck strap too thick and uncomfortable for cat to move his head. So I ended up using slide plastic buckle.

Because I made harness jacket with cute cat designed cotton fabric, my cat can wear as jacket as well without a leash.

Preparation: Cotton fabric for inner, outer, and buckle straps, batting, 10mm buckle clip, 10m triglide adjustable buckle 1, D ring 1, snap hook 1, poly strap 2m

Strap measurement for buckles - width 4 times of the buckle glide hole size, and length 4.25 inches for the short one and 7.75 inches for the long one.

Strap material: as per the picture I used fabric which may not very good to make it tight, so poly strap recommended. 

Anyone who need the Cat's Harness pattern, 
please downloadn from my youtube video description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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