DIY Reversible Tissue Box Cover

I think tissue box covers give a bit of coziness and softness to house atmosphere. Making tissue box covers were in my sewing list for a long time. Finally I made one, and thought why didn't I make it earlier. I think that this cover will be in use until I make another one. If I have a few more covers I can change covers in every season like you change your doona covers. 

Measurements: I thought I needed to measure only top, and one side for four, but there are 2 short width sides, and 2 wider sides. Needed to measure top, one short and wider sides, and add seam allowance 0.25inch (0.5cm), no need to measure bottom side.

Because it's reversible, cut 2 different fabrics for top, 2 short sides, and 2 wider sides, and interfacing 1 each. Interfacing is not essential.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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