Napier - Cruise to New Zealand (Jan & Feb 2016)

Day 7

We were in Napier in Cruise Day 7, half way though of our Cruise journey.
I was told that Napier was rebuilt in architectural style after being razed by the devastating earthquake of 1931. 

We were off from the ship at mid day, what a shame, we could not stay long enough to enjoy this beautiful place. About 6 hours were given to us in Napier.

Even though there was easy option for tour by Vintage car tour .
My friend and I decided to ride bikes as we thought we could exercise by bike rides as well as would not miss nice scenery, and it was nice weather for a bike ride. 

This was only the picture you can peer the buildings :(
If I chose to do vintage car tour, I would have more pictures of buildings?!

Bike hire shops were around tourist office. We went into the closest bike hire ship and hired bike at $25 dollars for 4 hours with free map. The Kind shop assistant explained for bikes and recommend highlighted on the map where to go with short bike trip.

The village we rode through was quite and nice place.
Although I had a nice bike ride, 
4 hours were definitely not enough to look all around of Napier at all. 
If we chose to do tour by Vintage Car Tour, it would have been different?!

Back to the ship, Yum dinner!


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