Sewing DIY Lunch bag / Picnic bag / Cooler bag

I upcycled cooler bags for making can holders which I posted last week. This week sewing project, DIY lunch bag, is to use cooler bag material left from last week making can holders. I made a bit big and it can be used as picnic bag, and also this is another cooler bag made with upcycled cooler bag :)

1. Materials; below cutting is included seam allowance 0.25" (0.6cm)
    Cooler bag material & floral linen: 2 of 16" x 10" (41cm x 25.5cm)
    Top cover cotton: 2 of 16" x 10" (41cm x 25.5cm)
    Bag handles floral linen: 2 of 14" x 3" (35.5cm x 8cm)
    Bias: 33" x 3" (84cm x 7cm)
    Strings: 2 of 40" (100cm)

I mistakenly cut top covers fabric short to 16" x 6" (41cm x 15.5cm), which ended up hardly covers top of bag. Luckily it was not that difficult to amend. To extend top covers, I have made another top covers and sew to existing top covers. At first my choice of top cover fabric was light pink with no pattern, and my choice of extension fabric was white polka dot fabric, which turned out better and prettier when the bag making completed.  

2. After cutting, lay floral linen fabric on top of cooler bag material, and pin them together.
3. Put right sides of floral linen fabric together, and sew on the sides and bottom side of.
4. Sew 5" (13cm) on both bottom corners and cut close to sewing line.
5. Pin top sides to fix which are not sewn. 
6. Fold seams 0.25" (0.6cm) for 2.25" (6cm) from the top corners of top covers fabric, and sew.
7. Fold seam 0.25" (0.6cm) and the fold 1" (2.25cm) from the top of top covers fabric, and sew.
8. Put right sides of top covers together, and sew sides except the area of #6 & #7 above. 
9. Fold seams 0.25" (0.6cm) from each sides of bag handles fabric, and then fold in half, and sew each sides.
10. Pin bag handles on right and bottom sides of top covers (#8 above), and sew.
11. Put wrong sides of top covers (#10 above) and bag body (#5 above), and sew top sides.
12. Pin binding top sides of bag with bias, and sew.
13. Put stings through and complete.

I have briefly explained how to make in writing above, and video also ready for you to watch if it's not clear enough.

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.


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