DIY Necklace/Pearl Wreath for Cat

Very easy easy to make a necklace for cats. I've got a pear bracelet for Christmas present, and I try it on to my 7 months old kitten. My kitten, Popsie, looked so gorgeous with it on his neck, which made me to think it would be good to make one for him. 

Completed one's length controlled by tying, so it can be a necklace, or wreath. My cat is very patient for me to tie necklace on his neck, maybe because I go to back garden daily with my cat with harness and lead, he would have thought mama tying necklace for going out with him. 

"Oh, Popsie, sorry I am tying necklace on your neck because mama wants to see pretty you with pearl necklace, let's go out after taking some pictures of you xxx."

How to make ~

1. Needs: craft string(thread) for beads, imitation pearls(or other beads), ribbons.
2. Put string(thread) through needle for sewing and putting beads through from below #2 to #5.
2. Cut 2 of 7" (17.75cm) ribbons (at first a bit long and you cut the length you want when it's completed).
3. Fold seam of one-side of one ribbon about 0.1"(0.25cm) and then fold 0.1"(0.25cm), and fix by sewing.
4. Put pearls(beads) though.
5. And process #3 above process with other ribbon.
6. Cut end of ribbons how you want.

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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