Sewing DIY Pincushion

I made a flower pincushion with tiny petals (floral parts). It made a cute flower pincushion with pink ribbons and floral designed fabric. I made two pincushions, one for mine, and the other for a gift to my friend. The small one is for my friend and it can be fit in her little sawing box.

How to ~ Happy sewing everyone 😚
1. Prepare: a floral button, a bead, ribbon like the ribbon on picture, floral fabric, and one colour fabric.
2. Cut floral fabric and one colour fabric in the same radius 8cm (the size you want).
3. Fix ribbon on seam of the right side of one colour fabric and petals to be towards inside of fabric, and sew. 
4.  Put fabrics right sides together and sew except opening gap.
5. Give some snips on seam for easy turn, and turn insides out.
6. Close the opening gap with blind stitches.
7. Locate a bead in the middle of one colour fabric, and a button in the middle of floral fabric, and sew  through a few times both the bead and button which located other sides, and pull hard.

Below video will make it easy for you to understand how to make. 

For tutorial, please click below video, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.


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