DIY Pajamas with the patterns I made; Pajamas making tutorials



Last time I have uploaded tracing the patterns from my pajamas. Assuming you have watched the videos, today, I have the videos ready for making shorts & tops with the patterns I made. 

Original pajama shorts waist band was very stylish which was very soft with color of sky blue.
So hoping to get the waist band like that and went to the craft/dress shop, unfortunately there weren't many options I could buy, and I had a white one. I better search in Internet for next one.

Finally, I have completed whole pajama set - with carrot and rabbit cotton fabrics. And perfect timing as it's Spring in here Australia, soon to be wear πŸ˜€

Please click below link for free tutorial on my Youtube channel: Minkinoos DIY.
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video for pajama top:

video for pajama shorts:



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