DIY foldable shopping bag tutorial

DIY foldable shopping bag

I have upcycled a broken umbrella, as some of you might know Oroton brand umbrella. And it was a very strong umbrella and i loved it. But someday in summer it was bucketing down and the strechers of umbrella was broken๐Ÿ˜ญ and i was damn soaked.
I have kept the umbrella fabic which was good choice, and it is used for foldable bag, Ta-Da.

How to:
♤ cut fabric for front and bag panels the size you want
♤ make front pocket and sew to front panel
♤ right sides of front and back planels togethet and sew
♤ cut fabrics for bag handles and sew
♤ sew to bag panel

For further details, please check it out below Youtube or find my youtube channel: Mikinoos DIY
Please click the link below for free tutorial and enjoy.
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