DIY a easy cushion tutorial (easy and no zips)

Let's make an Easy Cushion

The first video I took without video lights, it's a bit dim.
but no way I would bin it as this will be my foot prints to look back and learn from.

This is a very simple cushion making video.
No zips, no buttons, no strings... it was easy cushion making for me. 
But taking videos and editing videos were much harder work for me.
I chose upholstery fabric for thickness and made December last year (2019).
It's mainly used for decoration on couch for a while, and which I hoped it continued. but,
When I looked after my friend's cat, "Miso" for a while, he liked chewing on the corner of it.
 and one day, I noticed something different on couch, and "what the hell, where the cushion gone"
My partner took to use as cushion on his driver's sit!
because he works as carpenter in build

ing industries, the white cushion got so easy to get dirty.
oh my, I better hurry up making another cushion with darker colored fabrics. 
and just I don't need to wash it as often as needed. 

Please click the link below for free tutorial and enjoy.
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