Sewing DIY Gardening Hat


One of nessecery items is the gardening hat in hot Summer days, when you do gardening.
I often weed in Summer, and I made the gardening hat for protecting my face and neck from the sun.
I made the hat a bit big and it has a bit of room around my head, which hat can be off or turn around while I work in the garden. The above hole for pony tail hair or hair bun prevent the hat off, turn around or wiggle wiggle.
For short hair, who doesn't want to have hole for pony tail hair, the pattern needs to be adjusted like above. And in the instance the hat is a bit big, you can reduce the pattern a bit, or the hat strap would be good to prevent from hat wiggles.

For the hat interfacing, there are many options you can choose, so i recommend you search some hat interfacings first before you make a hat.

Why I choose the plastic above.
I did not have many options in handy, 
I did not want to use collar interfacing for this hat.
I wanted some flexible and thin platics; 
which is not going to be broken easily,
the cap would not be dragged down to my face
it stay without creasing.
it doesn't block my view while I am working in the garden.
because my gloved hands would be dirty and dusty to do fix my cap often.

I simply selected what's near by me when I sewn without buying any hat interfacings,
it was the plastic cover of sketchbook. 

Pattern: you can download from the my Youtube video's description. N.B. The first page of pattern to be printed on A4, others on A3. The completed hat is a bit big for me, but I put my pony tail hairs through to hole of back of hat and it is okay. You might increase/adjust seam allowance or you can add adjust strings inside of hat which I don't have in vidoe. Happy sewing everyone XXX

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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