Sewing DIY Hot Water Bottle Cover using old fleece pajama (Patterns)

I fill 2 hot water bottles with hot water, and put under doona for bed time.
Then I hope in the bed about 10 minutes after I put the how water bottles, and no more chil air!
One I put around my upper body, and the other I put around my feet, I can sleep all night in warm till morning. I think that using hot water bottles is amajing way to sleep in warm because it's cheaper than letting hitter or electronic blankit on all night, and even good for environmental reason. Although hot water bottle is rubber, I use hot water bottle a few years.

I made hot water bottle cover using my old pajama top.
I am very satisfied with the hot water botter I made with fleece PJ top because it is so nice and soft feel to my skin.

Seam allowance inclusive.
FRONT: I added 1inch to top where bottle lid is, added 0.5inches elswhere.
BACK: copied Front pattern, and added 1.5 overlap for opening.

If you have the same hot water bottle as the picture above,
For anyone who needs the hot water bottle pattern, please download from below youtube video description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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