Review for my 1 year of being a sewing DIY Youtuber/Bloger

I am looking back for my 1 year of sewing DIY youtube and blogging.
This is not a statement, it's just my diary, and floating thoughts at the moment I am writing.

Making time on evey weekend,
Making time by having days off from work,
For sewing,
For videoing sewing procedures,
For editing videos,
For uploading videos on Youtube,
For blogging,
For uploading pictures on instagram.
For A year.

Good things I think.
Firstly, my sewing skill improved.
Secondly, the uploaded youtube videos and blogs are usful for me. For example, I made a summer simple dress, and I like wearing it, so I wanted to make a few more for me and my friend. Before I make dresses I read my blog and watched my Youtube video again, which helped me making easily without spending too much time to think of procedure.
Thirdly, I am happy with accumulated records of my sewings.
I believe there must be more good things, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

Not good things I think.
Money! I used to work 5 days a week, but I reduced by a day and working 4days a week to sew on a day. Of course, my income reduced, and sewing cost increased to equip for sewing every week.
Time! Sewing planning, preparing materials, sewing, videoing, editing, blogging, and etc. all thoes works took for me more than a day to meet a video per week on Youtube. Occordingly I less spent time with friends, hopefully I am not going to be a outsider among my friends. 
Mental! Can I keep doing?
I have increased visitors in Korean blog and this blog, but I hardly have likes and comments, or followers. 
I have increased vewers in my Youtube videos, but about 96% of non subscribers watched my videos, about 4% subscribers watched... which meant increased veiwers didn't linked easily to subscribe the channel, subscribing youtube channel is free though. I feel helpless...

I will need to search and think further about what I can help increased viewers to be subscribers.
I decided to give myself for 2 years when I started the sewing DIY blogs and Youtube channel in Auguest last year. I think this review for 1 years would help me to see what's been done and how it affected my life so far, if I need to make any adjustments to go further 1 year, and also where I am at. I believe and hope I can think less about negative current status again and again through putting my worries to here. And go for further 1 year. Hey Chears!




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