DIY Winter Jumper for Cat and Pattern

WINTER, Cold weather for every one, and my cat. My cat sleeps inside of doona next to me and keeping me warm at night. I made a winter jumper for keeping my cat warm when we go out to garden.
I like putting clothes or harness on my cat because clothes or harness prevent for my cat from jumping too high over the fence go to next door.

I made my cat's jumper using my old fleece PJ's top fabric.
The bear on my PJ is too long and big to be on my cat's jumper, and I decorated below white cat face on jumper. Isn't it cute?

At first I designed below.
but ended up doing a bit different ears and eyes on jumper :)
Hoping I will try below next time some time.

Put pattern like below and cut. 
Sleeve's pattern put on end of Pj top which hemming already done, and later on I don't need to do sleeves hemming, otherwise I recommend to cut longer than the sleeve's pattern and you can do sleeves hemming.

The pattern is good for cat with about 4.5kg and 35cm vest, 
or please adjust pattern as needed.
My cat is a bit heavier than 4.5kg, and it fits a bit tight. 
Luckily the fabric is very flexible as a bit worn fleece, I think the jumper is good use for this winter.

I used my PJ sleeve for neck collar.
Because turtle neck jumper, you will definitely need to use very flexible fabric.
And the jumper get through cat's head in no hardness.

For anyone who needs the Cat's winter jumper pattern, please download from below youtube video description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.

on a bit chill day after raining.

on top of fire wood at cold night


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