Sewing DIY Cat's Black Harness Jacket and Pattern


My cat's 2nd harness. The first one and used to be only one for my cat got a bit dirty since he plays a lot in garden. So I wash and reuse it, and I think it woud be good with a few more of them.
This time I used hook and loop tapes for neck strap unlikly last one which slide plastic buckle.

The black harness also looks good on him.

Tidy look on front.

There's ------ on my pattern, and fold it up on ----- and cut fabrics and batting.
I thought if two straps cover my cat's neck 
it would be too thick and uncomfortable to move forward.
In the way, only one strap to cover cat's front neck and less thicker. 

After sewing all around except opening gap, 
and before turn right side out, make sure to cut batting closer to stitchings.

A bit rough part of the hook and loop tape to be attached on short strap of right shoulder. 
A bit soft part of the hook and loop tape to be attached on long strap of left shoulder.
and which way rough part won't scratch cat's neck. 

For anyone who needs the Cat's Harness Jacket pattern,
please download from below youtube video description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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