Sewing DIY Portable Glasses Pouch


Hard sunglasses case I've got is sometimes a bit big 
for crossbody bags I often use when I go out.
And I often put my glasses in soft fabric case. 
But as you see below left one, it's worn and torn off to keep using.
and time for a new one cute πŸ’‹

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Step by Step

Saving a metal frame spring clip from old sunglass case. The used clip was dirty and needed cleaning. The size of the clip is 4 x 0.5 inches.

Cut out two rectangles that measures 17.5 x 4.5 inches (one for outer and the oter for lining), and one fleece wadding that measures 14 x 4.5 inches. 

Make notches. Fold all in half, and mark each center with pen/marker or by tiny little snips. 

Lay the outer fabric on the fleece wadding, matching notches. Place the inner fabric on top of the outer fabric with right facing in, matching notches.

Clip and sew along the longer sides, sewing with 0.25 inch seam allowance. 

Cut off the fleece wadding seam close to the sewing line. 

Turn it right side out.

Sew 0.25 inch in the edge of the fleece wadding, or quilt as you like. 

Fold the rectangle in half so the raw edges meet.
Put the raw edges through the metal frame spring clip. The spring clip bottom meet the edge of the fleece wadding, it should not be overlapped with the fleece wadding. 

Fold one side raw edge 0.25 inch towards the spring clip, and fold again to cover and over the spring clip. Use a needle and thread, blind stich.
Repeat for the other raw edge.

Close off the sides with whip stitch or ladder stitch.

Try it if the sunnies fit in, and you can finish here. Or you can decorate it with a Motif. 


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