Sewing DIY Carrot treat bag for Easter with pattern measurement

About 2 weeks before Easter holiday,
I made fabric carrot treat bags for easter.
and I could put Easter chocolatte eggs in bags.

Today, a week before Easter Friday,
I open carrot market on my desk
and I ask work colleague to pick a carrot they like.

I was told that carrots are so cuteeee.
Some says that it's so cute to eat the chocolatte.

I was happy to see them like my easter presents.

If you see my Youtube video, 
you will find it is so easy to make.

But it took me 5 trials to get what I want.
I did not like how the shape tuned at first 2 trials,
and then, I got a right shape, but the chocolatte egg was not fit in at all.
on the 4th trial, I could put the egg in, but it was too tight.

Hm, had a break a bit before starting next trial.

on the 5th, gocha.
then making other 7 more of them
took me shorter then hours i spent for the first 4 trials 

Pattern measurement: please find the measurement from the my Youtube video.

For how I made, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.



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