Sewing DIY Shirts Yarn Floor Mat

About 3 months ago, I made yarns from Shirts/Tshirts.
Because I cut cut cut with scissors, the scissors must had been rubbing my finger skin too much continuously and I had some blisters on my fingers.
And I put the shirts yarns away for a while.
Finally I made a foot mat.

I cut shirts yarns with 4-5cm width.
I thought I would cut a bit too wide at the time. 
But the yarn rolled up by itself, which did not look like 4-5cm width. 
38cm x 65cm foot mat.
65cm consist of plaited 55cm from knot to knot, and 10cm fringes (5cm each side). 
In the instance I cut the yarn about 2 times longer than the length (about 120cm - 130cm), and then stood up and plaited yarns to avoid yarns tangled together.
and I tried not to plait them too tight.

At first, I tried sewing machine with zigzag stitches to connect each plaited ones, which do the job but it wasn't looking good for me as all stitches shown.
So I cut them off, and did all hand stitching (blind stitches) one by one.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.


The mat was a bit heavier than I thought, and which placed nicely on floor.
My curious cat tried it first!🐱


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