Sewing DIY 3D Face Mask & Mask Pouch and Pattern

Luckily we don't need to wear face masks most time in around Brisbane Queensland Australia. 

Of course, we had a few times we must. When local government decided lock down to prevent from Covid risk, and one or two weeks after lock down to clear of, and we must wear masks. If you not and caught there would be fines. And thanks to local people, I think they followed government decisions so well for public health.

I've been using 3 ply disposable face masks, and been thinking to make some fabric masks my own, which would be good for environment as I can wash them after using for reuse. Although filter needs to be disposed after a use. 

Hope we have days months years without mask soon.

Be careful not to fix elastics with stitches because the knot of elastics will be put in the hole where folded for elastics, and the knots not to be shown.

In my instance, I cut the elastics to10" (25cm) long, and tried the mask on before making a knot, and cut off extra elastics after a knot.

Made a filter pocket size a bit bigger than filter, in that way it won't move around. 

You can find and download free pattern from description of below Youtube video. 

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Thank you.

I made a mask pouch and the mask won't get dirty in bag when carried.
I might use plastic zipper bags more though. Would that be better to make the mask pouch with waterproof fabrics?


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