Linen bag alteration

The linen bag bought for $2 when you buy clothes. I bought it because the puppy pic on linen bag is super cute. But I could not use it because of the name of clothing shop, 'ally'.
The shop name is on the right bottom corner and the big bit shop name on the back of bag.
The puppy is super cute, and linen fabric is good quality. 

So I hid the shop names with other puppies/dog printed fabric. On the front of the bag, the name is hidden by printed puppies of other fabric, and I sew a button on puppy's bow tie. On the back of the bag, I attach a big and deep enough pocket to hide the shop name. 

I was very happy how the bag altered. No more shop names show, and even the bag looks better with a bit of color added. And also better for use with the deep and big pocket.

For tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.

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Thank you.


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