DIY a Pincushion on Jar tutorial

 Pincushion on Jar

I have put a pincushion on jar, and decorated it with ribbons. Ribbons are not only making a bottle pretty but also covering jar lid and cardboard.

Open the pincushion lid and buttons and beads can be stored in the jar.

I use them most time when I sew, one of my fav pincushion πŸ₯°πŸ€©

How to:

♤ Make a round pincushion

♤ cut cardboard the same size as jar lid radious

♤ glue the pincushion to cardboard

♤ glue the pincushion & cardbard to jar lid

♤ glue your selection of ribbons to cover the cardboard and jar lid all around

♤ jar itself is too empty and boring, so glue a ribbon to jar

For further information, please check it out on my youtube channel "Mikinoos DIY" or Please click the link below for free tutorial and enjoy. Weekly videos upload, please subscribe my Youtube channel, thank you.


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