Copy patterns from your Pajamas; tutorial

I copied the pajamas pattern from one of my favorite pajamas which worn a few years and a lot, and the pajamas got worn out, and had a few holes, and the elastic band on shorts also no longer and fabric discolored.. so I traced the pattern out of my pajamas before bin them.

I believe you also have some favorite pajamas, in the instance, I hope my videos below would help you make them. 

Please click the link below for free tutorials and enjoy.
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Thank you.

for video of PJ top pattern:

for video of PJ shorts pattern

Because the shorts are worn so much, left and right side might not exactly the same size any more, so I recommend you better fold them in half before tracing. 

You would have noticed that I did not copy pattern as same as front top layer of my Pj's.
As you see it's very wide around neck, and I don't think I ever opened any buttons while I worn these pajamas. So I wanted to get a easy pattern without any opening with buttons.

Because of buttons in the middle, I did not fold in half, but I recommend them fold in half if you are going to copy the pattern out of no buttons in the middle.


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