sewing DIY Cat Harness Jacket (free pattern)

New harness jacket for my cat~

The old harness jacket was worn out as my cat wore
pretty much half or a hour every day in the garden.
and first thing my cat does when he go out was laying and rubbing on sand or concrete.

For about a couple of years wearing, old jacket's done its job more than good!

Pattern: you can download from the my Youtube video's description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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Step by step

What you will need:
- cotton fabric for inner, outer, and batting
- poly straps (1 of 3/8" x 6", 1 of 3/8" x 8", 1 of 3/8" x 4.5")
- one D ring
- Buckle clip.
- Bias 1.5"(~2)" x 60"
- Hook & Loop tape

Refer the pattern hyperlinked on my youtube video description. I recomend copy on tracing paper, and cut, and try on your cat, and adjust size as needed.

Cut out one each for inner, outer, and batting. Lay the inner right side down, cotton batting, then the outer right side up.

Slide the 3/8" x 6" poly strap through D ring, and place it in the middle. Clip and pin the poly fabric layers together. 

Cut 1.5"(~2") x 60" of bias binding and bind all around the edge. 

Sew the ploy strap like top right side of picture.

Place and pin the hook & loop tape like picture, and sew.

Assemble 3/8" x 8" and 3/8" x 4.5" poly straps and buckles, it's not easy for me to explain, I recomend to watch the youtube video linked above for this.

You can finish here, or you can decorate it with Motif.


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