Sewing DIY Patchwork & Fleece Vest (free pattern) - use up your fabric scraps

After cutting fabrics, there are always fabric scraps, which accumulated for several months, and eventually there is the container full of fabric scraps, it's time to use up and empty the container for next several months, and also there's no space for another fabric scraps containers, it's best use some up.

So, let's call the use up fabric scraps project.

I cut to square (2 x 2 inches) all warm colours fabric scarps mainly pinkish and redish fabric scarps because pink and white coloured fleece is used for vest.
 connect those squares to bigger than patterns of vest back and two pockets.

Heart shaped pockets made a feature of front vest, and cute!

Be noted: snap buttons - I needed a bit bigger buttons because of a thick fabric, and I did not bother to go and buy them, and end up using what I have at home. 
I have to be carefull whenever opening snap buttons, otherwise snap button might fall out. Luckly I often wear vest front open without buttons up is work for me okay.

Pattern: you can download 
from the my Youtube video's description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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