Sewing DIY Reversible Oven Gloves (Free Pattern)


Reversible oven gloves.
Nomal poly wadding shoud not be used for lining.
I used it once and I felt all the hotness when I grab the trays from oven.
I was so lucky it was very very shot seconds and the ovenmitts with thick poly wadding was able to protected me that short seconds. 
I highly recommend insulated ones for oven gloves lining.

But nomal thick poly wadding would be ok for any kitchen gloves for picking up
pots on stove or bowls from microwave, I think, as I often use hand dry towels for picking up thoes.
But I always use oven goves or oven mitts which with insulated linings for picking up any pots and trays from hot ovens.

Pattern: you can download from the my Youtube video's description.

For how to make, tutorial, please click the Video below, hope you enjoy.
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