Toilet Paper Rolls Craft - DIY Cat House

I've collected toilet paper rolls, and kitchen paper rolls for more than half an year, since I had an idea of toilet paper rolls craft to make a cat's house. The collection of them took so slow, and I even asked my friend to saved them. One day in June I thought enough toilet paper rolls collected, and I started making my cat's house.  Oh well, they weren't enough to completed, so I collected again, and another 2 seasons after, I could finally finish it off.

What a nice pose of my cat next to his house. 

I can be snuffle toy!
I put some biscuites in rolls, and he snuffle, find, and get it!
Smart boy~

Not even started making his house, he tried first, 
and letting me know that he's interested in it.

Curiouse what mama's making!

Already like it? Not yet done!

Enter his house.


Mama's so happy you seem like it~

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